Dr. Oz called Infrared Saunas “the next life extension tool”.

No punishment! Celebrate and Rejuvenate!

Get toxins out of your body. Kick start a healthy lifestyle.


massage detox boot camp
1) Detox Dry Body Brush

2) Lymphatic Massage with Reflexology

3) Detoxifying essential oils

4) Infrared Sauna Detox Wrap

Total Treatment time: 1 1/4 hour

The Infrared Sauna Wrap works 360 degrees to reach all sides of the body. Burn up to 700 calories in a single session.

Benefits of the Infrared Sauna Wrap are:

1) Increases metabolism in order to burn excess body fat
2) Detoxifies the body of harmful toxins such as heavy metals, poisons, etc.
3) Doctors recommend infrared for fibromyalgia and other chronic pain/fatigue sinfrared sauna blanket resultsyndromes
4) Great for lymphatic clearing
5) Helps with joint pain (great for arthritis)
6) Diminishes inflammation
7) Can be beneficial for people with diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol
8) Helps with soreness and pain relief
9) Improves oxygen levels in our body
10) Reduces the acidic levels in our body
11) Enhances the immune system
12) Improves cellular vitality
13) Studies show improvements of the skin: complexion, tone, texture and elasticity
14) Promotes stress reduction and relaxation

For optimum results it recommended that you do this program at least twice a week for three (3) weeks. You would ultimately give you body a day off in between to give the body a chance to flush out the toxins.

Pricing: Single session $149 Prepaid Series of Six (6): $720 ($120 each-for a total savings of $174)

Please make sure you drink plenty of water the day before, day of and day after. (About 6-8 glasses per day)

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